Month: December 2018

Basic Life Support Training For You

Today, knowing how to perform CPR, mouth to mouth resuscitation, and using a first aid kit can save lives, and a person who has training for these medical methods can act fast in the case of a medical emergency in the workplace or a different public place to aid someone who is suffering a heart attack, breathing difficulty, or other medical issues that a trained person can address. Knowing how to reset a dislocated joint or even set a broken bone can go a long way to helping someone in distress until professional medical help can be brought in, such as an ambulance that can then take the victim to a hospital. A person does not have to improvise medical help (in fact, that may be dangerous). Instead, there are classes available for people to take, such as Basic Life Support, or BLS classes, and taking a basic life support class or a CPR class or even a first aid training course can make either an aspiring professional or a concerned citizen much more able to handle a medical emergency w Read More

Buying an Automatic Longboard

There are many different ways to get around today, whether on a bicycle, a motorcycle, a dune buggy, or a moped for today’s individual traveler, but one stylish and fun way to get around is on an automatic longboard or an all terrain skateboard. Just what are these? Anyone who rids an off road skateboard is standing on a skateboard body with a powerful motor, support system, and large, treaded wheels that can handle both paved roads and natural terrain, like grass, a sandy beach, loose rocks, or more, and these stylish, convenient vehicles let anyone get around on or off the road while seeing the sights and sounds. Where can someone buy and automatic longboard? What are some of the advantages of a remote control skateboard, and where do they come from?

Origins and Basics

As far back as 1975, an inventor in California first developed skateboard bodies on motorized wheels, and although popular, these early models made a lot of noise and pollution and were eventually banned Read More