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Tucking In That Tummy

Written by admin on September 19th, 2013. Posted in Breast implant information, Tummy tuck info, Tummy tuck tampa fl

Tampa breast implants

Tummy tuck doctors help patients who have done hundreds of crunches and planks and still can’t get rid of that sagging bulge above the beltline. Other popular candidates include new mothers and people who have undergone recent significant weight loss, both of whom have loose abdominal skin that exercise often can’t touch. Sound like the procedure for you? Here’s more information about what to expect:

  • Before Your Surgery. Tummy tuck doctors provide their patients with a list of dos and don’ts prior to their surgery day. Common don’ts include no radical diets (just eat normal-sized, healthy meals) and no smoking for two weeks on either side of your procedure (smoking can drastically reduce your body’s ability to heal). Be sure to provide your surgeon with a complete list

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