Day: September 18, 2013

How the Right DC Parking Lot Sweeping Service Can Make Your Business Shine

Dc commercial sweeping

First impressions are everything. You have heard that expression more times than you can count, and yet it always bears repeating. A sink stacked with dirty dishes is not necessarily a turn on, and neither is a bedroom floor littered with socks from two days ago.

Messy, unkempt parking lots are no different. You want your lot to shine as brightly as your store does so customers will feel at home before they even enter. This is where enlisting the help of a DC parking lot sweeping service can help.

When you click on a website, you want to be able to find your way around without any confusion. A cluttered, disorganized site creates a negative association in your mind. A parking lot that has utilized a Dc sweeping Read More

How Search Engine Optimization Works

Seo proposal software

Search engine optimization has come to be one of the most important methods for promoting a product in the age of the internet. In fact, one study by Google found that around 81 percent of 81 percent of ad impressions will only occur if there is not an organic ad represented somewhere on the page. That basically means that if there is an organic search result, that is where people will be heading.

Getting an organic search result is particularly important for when it comes to local search engine optimization. An SEO proposal example is particularly important because it is essential for those who want to get their names out to the local community to have their name associated with that particular community.

Just as important is the Read More