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If You Have a Veterans Lawyer Can You Get Out of Having to Undergo a Requested Medical Exam?

Q: Can a veterans lawyer help you avoid another medical examination when you apply for VA benefits?

A: It is common for the VA to request that a veteran undergo a medical exam after he or she applies for benefits. Whether or not you have a veterans lawyer will not have any impact on the request for medial exam. The medical exam is simply to provide a more complete picture of your injury or condition and how it affects your daily routines. Without that crucial information, a fair decision cannot be reached. The medical exam will be like those you have had before.

Although hiring a veterans lawyer will not get you out of having to undergo a medical exam, having a legal advocate will assure that all the necessary medical records, documentation and supporting evidence have been obtained and submitted. A veterans lawyer will make sure you have provided everything possible so that you are awarded the benefits to which you are entitled. If your medical care has not been thorough or recent, your veterans lawyer will help you seek the care you need. Keep in mind that, by law, you are not allowed to enter a fee based contract with a lawyer until after a rating decision has been provided by the Regional Office.

Q: What do you do after you receive a rating decision?

A: Whether you are awarded benefits or not, it is important to always review the various aspects of your rating decision. Anyone of those components (award of service connection, degree of disability granted, and effective date) can affect the amount of benefits you are awarded. If you disagree with any part of your rating decision, appeal to obtain the benefits to which you believe you are entitled.

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