Day: December 22, 2011

How Predictive Analytics Helps You Gain The Competitive Edge

Over the past few years the demand for predictive analytics tools has risen greatly. While these tools have been around for decades now, a lot of companies are just now beginning to see that predictive analytics are necessary in order for them to remain competitive. These companies are beginning to understand that predictive analytics can help them maximize the lifetime of some of their most valuable clients by identifying any risks that would cause the company to lose these clients.

Today, more than ever before, customer retention is crucial simply because it is so expensive to acquire new clients instead of maintaining those you already have. Thanks to predictive analytics you can achieve a very proactive retention strategy here. This should help you to identify when a client may be thinking about turning to a new provider so that you will be able to intervene before that happens.

With predictive analytics you will also be able to find cross sale opportunities. This is important to do because your company probably has all the information you need in order to find such opportunities. However, sorting through and analyzing its potential can be somewhat difficult. Applying predictive analytics to this data can lead to some sort of organization that will show you where your untapped customer potential lies. In turn this will lead to higher profits per customer and a stronger relationship with that customer over all.

There are a lot of different ways in which predictive analytics can actually be used today. However, what is truly amazing are the future possibilities of predictive analytics as they seem to be almost endless for companies. Before very long your company is going to be able to own the power of prediction thanks to all of the wonderful things that predictive analytics can and eventually will do.

Tips on Buying Industrial Magnets

If you have been charged with purchasing industrial magnets for a large company, there are several different criteria that you need to determine before placing an order of any kind. The very first thing you need to ask yourself about these industrial magnets is what purpose exactly they need to be used for. How much weight do they need to be able to support? How strong does the force need to be? And what actual dimensions do these industrial magnets need to conform to in order to fit the product they were meant to work with? Once you have determined all of the above criteria, ask yourself how much money is available to purchase the industrial magnets you need, including shipping, as well as how many total magnets you will need in order to fulfill your requirements for a certain period of time.

Once you have mapped out all of the above, start looking for purveyors of industrial magnets online that can meet the criteria that you have laid out. You can start by searching online for industrial magnets that meet one or more of the specific criteria listed above, and then drill down the list of prospects to include only those industrial magnets that meet each of your needs adequately. Once you have done this, start looking at shipping and handling costs for the type of order you have in mind.

When you have determined which of these providers of industrial magnets offer the best deal overall, determine which of these providers have the best overall reputation for quality products and timeliness of deliveries. Seek out previous customer reviews on the subject in order to guide you to the best possible option, and buy your industrial magnets from the very best vendor overall!