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Hose clampsStainless hose clamps

Different types of hose clamps

Hose clamp

Hose clamp is a type of device that is used in attaching different sized hose into different types of fittings. Hose clamps are used to allow the liquid to flow on the hose without leak. The hose clamp however is basically used only when there is moderate or low pressure regardless of their size. In other words, both small and large hose clamps for example can be used only under low and moderate pressure. If the pressure is high, the hose clamp will not be able to withstand the pressure and will be disconnected with the fitting or will have leak. Thus, for higher pressure other devices are used to attach the hose into the fitting. There are different types of hose clamps. The most common are screw clamp or worm gear, spring clamps, wire clamps and ear clamps.

The screw clamp or worm gear is also known as band clamp. Basically they are made from stainless steel, hence they are also known as stainless hose clamps. These are used mostly in hose with smaller diameter. They are also used when as alignment of hose and fittings and in areas where tightening of regular screw or clamp is difficult. Most often however, it is used for emergency repair. This type of clamp is like a band which can be tightened by turning the screw that is attached at the end of the screw clamp.

Spring clamp is another type of hose clamp. The most common types of spring clamps are the one used in car fuel lines and those in vacuum hose. This type of clamp has tabs which clasps into each other. The tabs, which release the clamps are hard to press. There is also the type of spring clamp that has spring steel that is looped to make a clamp. At the end are scissor like handles which can be pressed by hand to release the clamp. Compare with the stainless it can withstand high pressure liquid.

Other types of clamps are wire clamps and ear clamps. Wire clamp is made of heavy wire that are bent or shaped to form a clamp. At the end of the wire is a nut and screw that when tightened the clamp seals. Ear clamps are stainless steel bands which has ears at the ends. When the ears are turned, the clamp is tightened around the hose. In both the wire and ear clamps, the ends are turned to tighten the hose into the fittings to ensure that it is sealed properly. Aside from hose clamps, there are other ways of attaching the hose to fittings. Some of these are push fit fittings, compression fittings, crimp fittings, clamp fittings and others. In order to ensure that there is no leak when the hose is attached to the fittings, it is necessary to choose the appropriate hose clamp.

Hose clamps Stainless hose clamps
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