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Payroll consists of the sum of any financial records that entail employee wages, salaries, bonuses and deductions. Between the years of 1118 and 1307, the Knights Templar created a cheque system that was used by Pilgrims set off to the Holy Land. They would deposit money at one chapter house and then take it out from another by providing a complex code that only the Templar could read. Nowadays, there are Canadian cheques and banks available all over the country making it easy to access your money with little effort. The first personalized cheques came in 1811 from the Commercial Bank of Scotland and featured the name of the account holder along the left hand side. Currently, there are all forms of Canadian cheques such as laser cheques and ordering cheques for specific purposes.

Companies that have multiple bank accounts should use custom check services to their benefit. Check fraud consists of someone stealing checks from people or companies, altering details, and then cashing them in. Those looking for cheap checks are encouraged to have them personalized so that they will be harder to pass off if fraud was attempted. You can easily order cheques on the internet and provide the information you want on them without hassle. Ordering Canadian cheques should not cost you very much money as there are a number of services that will print out hundreds or thousands in bulk for an extremely fair price to both individuals and businesses.
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Canadian cheque Cheques online Personal cheque printing canada
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