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MDM Is Not Only Convenient but Safe and Secure

Mobile device management systems

Juniper Research predicts that by 2014, the number of employee owned mobile devices like smartphones and tablets that are used in a work capacity will increase more than twice the number today, reaching 350 million by then compared to nearly 150 million this year. By 2014, it is also expected that business use of smartphones is expected to reach 62 percent . Today, 67 percent of iPad users take their iPad to work for business use. In the US, a a full quarter of internet users access the internet strictly from a mobile device. The accessibility of cloud computing makes it easy to integrate mobile device management software with enterprise systems used in corporate settings.

Mobile Device management software, also known as MDM software, allows the IT department of a company to maintain and secure mobile devices with sensitive information on them. One aspect of security that mobile device management software emphasizes is the ability to protect company information in case a device gets lost or stolen. Mobile device management software allows the IT department to shut down and lock a phone, or even erase the information from the device completely, in order to preserve company information and maintain security throughout the network. Mobile device management software is a lot more common than it was five years ago and the advancements have shown. The security aspects of Mdm are why a lot of companies and office settings are switching to mobile device management software, allowing their employees to freely and easily access important information from one mobile device to another. Read more here: www.maas360.com

Device management Mobile device management Mobile management
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