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Calgary marital therapyCalgary marriage workshopsCouples counselling calgary

Counselors and Therapists for all of Your Relationships

Calgary couples therapy

Couples nowadays come in all shapes and sizes and even beliefs. Some couples spend their whole lives together and never marry as a choice. New York and Washington state have the highest number of unmarried couples, 50 percent and 70 percent . And divorce is actually becoming less prominent, believe it or not. It peaked at 50 percent of marriages in the 80s, but has been dropping steadily since.

It is believed that one of the reasons for the decline of divorce is the growth in popularity of relationship counselling, pre marriage counselling, and marriage counseling retreats. The couples retreat is clearly the fun way to experience couples therapy sessions.

It is believed that the couples retreat allows for more open communication, and helps the couple to reconnect, by utilizing new ways to both talk and listen to each other. It helps the couple to remember why they fell in love in the first place and is intended to help the couple overcome their communication and emotional issues. This branch of psychotherapy has the singular goal of bringing the relationship back to that time when they both loved each other. It does not promise to solve all problems, just to get the couple to remember how they dealt with problems together, instead of as two separate people. For more about this, go here. More like this article.

Calgary marital therapy Calgary marriage workshops Couples counselling calgary
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