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Cement floor polishingPricing a construction job polished concreteStained polished concrete floors

Foundations for Excellence

Diamond concrete polishing

Many industries and businesses need to foster a work environment that is easy to maintain and durable for heavy usage. Commercial concrete polishing can create a floor that is optimal for business use.

Commercial polished concrete has several perks. Commercial concrete polishing makes it so that floors do not require buffing or waxing. A floor done by a concrete polisher only requires the regular application of soap and water with a mop to keep it clean. Another perk of commercial concrete polishing is that it protects the floor from tire marks. Also, the maintenance of the floors is about 60 percent less than that of a vinyl tile floor.

In order to customize the appearance of the floors, commercial concrete polishing companies will put items like glass, aggregate, computer chips, or nails into the top layer of the concrete before polishing it.

While the easy maintenance and durability of a concrete floor that is polished works great for commercial use and school buildings, it is not ideal for music rooms because of the acoustic problems it could cause. However, in many scenarios, a polished concrete floor is ideal.

Cement floor polishing Pricing a construction job polished concrete Stained polished concrete floors
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