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Getting Tickets To Broadway Plays

Nyc broadway tickets for cheap

Tickets to Broadway shows can be purchased at a discount in many situations. In fact the Times Square TKTS booth sells discounted tickets for day of performance shows. If you have seen pictures or video of Times Square in NYC, you have probably seen the red and white sign.

When visiting New York, one of the big attractions is to actually see a Broadway play. While the ticket prices may seem like a barrier to some, you can still get discount tickets to Broadway shows when you are there. Prior to visiting you can research the various Broadway shows and tickets available.

A lot of people have heard of Broadway, they may not know what it means to get discounted Broadway tickets. First, it means you have a chance to see a play or musical in one of the 39 Broadway theater houses. The Broadway cheap tickets or regular Broadway tickets for nyc shows are all concentrated around Manhattans West Side, from 41st Street to 51st Street. These theaters are typically able to seat from 580 to 1,900 people in a show.

Tickets to Broadway shows also reflect the productions that are available to be nominated or to eventually win a Tony Award. While you may be interested in tickets to Broadway shows, you can also add to the experience with another show in an off Broadway theater. Frequently when you get tickets to Broadway shows, the play or musical has already played in an off Broadway theater too. They feature smaller, more intimate experiences with approximately 100 to 500 seats.

Regardless of what type of show or which tickets to Broadway shows you purchase, they typically follow the same show schedules. You can view evening performances or some limited matinee shows. Make sure you do some research prior to traveling though to assure you get the best tickets for the show you want to see. If necessary, you can try for the day of performance tickets too.

Discounted broadway tickets Discounted broadway tickets new york Tickets to broadway shows
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