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Where Car Dealers Find their Cars


Have you ever wondered where car dealers purchase used vehicles? Often, from online auctions. This is an easier way for them to make money than buying them off of former owners. Many cars sold online have been repossessed after the owner failed to make payments on their car or on taxes et cetera, meaning they will be sold off for less than what they are worth.

There are many car auctions online. Some dealers even use online auto auction software. This software allows them to find the cars they need more quickly, and can do things like auto bid on certain models even if the dealer cannot attend the bidding themselves. In this way, auto auction software can quickly give dealers a leg up on dealing with the bidding swiftness of online auctions where thousands of people are looking at the same vehicles.

Smartauction is one site for online car auctions, and it says it is an industry leader, having sold over four million vehicles in the past ten years. Smartauction is a private company. Gsa auctions, on the other hand, are run by the government. This website not only sells cars, but many other items that have been repossessed as well. Get more on this here.

Gsa auctions Manheim Manheim.com
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