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World War II Veterans Can Tour Pearl Harbor Sites

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For World War II vets looking to visit where they were once stationed and where they fought for their country and its people, trips like Hawaii tours oahu can provide a meaningful opportunity to return, pay respects, and celebrate the service of fellow friends and soldiers.

And though there is no specific Hawaiian meaning of the word “Oahu,” the island has become known as “The Gathering Place.” The base at Pearl Harbor, which is located on Oahu, was initially known to the Hawaiians as Puuloa, or “long hill,” and Wai Nomi, or “pearl water.”

Specifically, a Pearl harbor tour that takes the WW II Navy veteran to the historic battleships where he may have been stationed. In particular the ship known as the USS Arizona has special significance. The bond of brotherhood between those stationed there on December 7, 1941, the day of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, was so strong that it went well beyond even the connection that vets can develop with one another. In many cases that day, actual brothers were called upon to defend the base and protect their country, side by side. In fact, 37 different pairs of brothers served at Pearl harbor that day. A USSR Arizona tour can be scheduled.

The Memorial at the USS Arizona has since become a powerful signifier of remembrance for all military members who were killed during the Pearl Harbor attacks. In addition to Oahu tours for veterans such as the USSR Arizona tours, the USS Missouri tour in Honolulu is also available. There have never been any recorded deaths from combat on the USS Missouri.

For a continued discussion about Pearl harbor tours like the USSR Arizona tour or USS Missouri tour, join in with a question or comment in the forum below. Refernce materials: www.enoa.com

Dole plantation tour Hawaii tours oahu Uss missouri tour
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