Spending Too Much Money on Professional Carpet Cleaning?

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Lets face it, most carpets are bound to get really dirty. Whether you have pets, children, often have house parties or just can not seem to avoid accidental spills, your carpets are subject to some pretty dirty spills and stains. While a professional carpet company know how to deep clean carpet stains, hiring their services can get quite pricey. However these do-it-yourself carpet cleaning trade secrets will save you money and teach you how to clean your carpets like the professionals.

One of the most popular stains pet owners have to deal with are nasty pet urine incidence. Want to know how to clean urine from carpet decor? It is actually pretty easy. Carpet cleaning trade secrets typically recommend the removal of the stain through absorption first. Placing a towel or paper towels on the stain, and then using a heavy book to apply pressure will allow the towel to absorb most of the stain. Afterwards, start applying some warm water to the stained area, followed by a small amount of vinegar. Yup, you read that right, vinegar. Vinegar will help to disinfect the stained area, while removing the nasty urine odor. Simply absorb the water and vinegar with another towel,let the area air dry, and you are good to go!

Other carpet cleaning secrets involve making your own carpet cleaning solution with water and some laundry detergent. Carpets cleaning with this homemade solution will remove many different types of stains. Fill a spray bottle with solution and apply it to the stained area after vacuuming to remove any excess dirt or debris. Let the solution sit for a few minutes, and then use a towel to dab and absorb the cleaning solution. Follow up again with some warm water, absorb it and let it air dry and your stains will be gone, while leaving a fresh detergent scent.

Sometimes you do not have the time to clean a carpet by yourself, or the area is too big to do it yourself, so hiring a carpet cleaning service can prove to be a good solution. However, for home owners who find themselves constantly needing to clean their carpets can save a lot of money buy using these secrets and doing the cleaning themselves. It is almost impossible to keep your carpet clean forever. Keep them clean and help your carpets last longer with these great cleaning secrets! Read this for more: pcstriad.com

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