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Lawn Seed Can Create a Lush Yard

Grass seed when to sow

Are you looking to use lawn seed to create a brand new lawn, or perhaps to give your existing lawn a new, lusher look? Many people consider their lawns to be an extension of their homes. We all like walking through our lawns, enjoying those warm summer days.

Did you know that turf grass is estimated to cover more than 40 million acres within the United States? This represents an area that is three times larger than the national acreage of corn. Because of this large area, you may want to consider using lawn see, such as drought resistant grass seed and other practices that will create a more environmentally friendly lawn. According to a study by the Seattle Public Utilities, you can save about $75 a year when you use sustainable lawn practices.

To keep your lawn seed or existing lawn healthy, you should spread a small amount, about a quarter inch, layer of organic compost material on your yard once a year. In addition to providing nutrients, this compost will reduce weeds and insect infestations.

When planting lawn seed or when using grass seed for bare areas, you should make the soil less acidic. You should strive for a pH balance between 6 and 7. Again, this will give you a more healthy lawn, as this type of soil will increase the rate of grass growth, as well as reduce weeds.

Once your lawn seed has produced a great looking lawn, you should aerate it at least once a year, preferably in the spring. This aeration will help introduce oxygen into the soil to produce a healthier looking yard.

Also, you should not cut your grass and new lawn seed growth too short. Do not cut more than one third of the height. This will reduce stress on the grass. Your lawn mower should also have a sharp blade. If you use a dull blade, it will open up the grass shafts or tear them, which in turn opens them up for diseases. Many lawn seed and lawn tips indicated that you should cut your grass once a month during the period between June and September.

If you want a great looking lawn, you may want to employ the services of a professional landscaper. These technicians can plant lawn seed and other grass seeds effectively, as well as maintaining your yard and gardens.

Grass seeds Ground cover The best grass seed
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