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Live Bee Removal is the Best Solution

Bee nest removal

Did you know that so-called “killer bees” are not any more deadly than the common honeybee? Actually, “killer bees” are nothing but hybrid honey bees that have been crossbred with the African honey bee. As such, the real name for “killer bees” is “Africanized honeybees.” Africanized bees earned their negative appellation not from a particularly deadly sting, but from the fact that they are more likely to swarm than other types of bees.

Naturally, the swarming of Africanized honeybees increases the risk that a bee swarming victim will be seriously injured or killed from the ensuing bee stings. This is especially true, of course, for people with bee allergies. It would be nice if all bees could be stingerless, like some species of Brazilian bees, but since that isn’t the case, bee removal services are the best solution.

Whether you or your family have bee allergies or not, if you discover a bee hive on your premises you will probably want to have it removed. Since it is humane, live bee removal is usually the best beehive removal solution. By allowing the bees to survive, live bee removal also contributes to keeping the earth’s ecosystem balanced.

While some homeowners will attempt to get rid of a bee’s nest themselves, this is not recommended. Only a professional live bee removal service will have the experience and equipment that is necessary for carpenter bee removal, bumble bee removal, or Africanized bee removal. They will even be able to provide ground bees removal, which can be almost impossible for a layperson to do safely.

If you are a homeowner and one day find a nice big honeybee nest on the ceiling right above your front door, your first reaction is to get rid of it as fast as you can. If you want to do it without anyone in your family getting stung, the best solution is to enlist the services of a live bee removal specialist. After all, it is the safest and most humane solution for your family and the innocent insects that provide the honey for your tea.

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Bee removal naples Bee removal sarasota Bee removal tampa
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