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Did you know that you can measure the amount of oil in your engine by using a tool called a “dipstick”? Well, since the oil in your car resides in a place that is not accessible to any other means, you simply remove the dipstick, wipe if off with a rag, reinsert it, and pull it out again. This allow you to read how much oil is in your engine, and if it’s a time to change your oil.

Hopefully none of this is new information to anyone with a driver’s license, because if you don’t know how to check your oil you shouldn’t be allowed to drive. That may sound cruel, but the bottom line is your car’s engine will bite the dust if don’t know how to check your oil. Luckily, the best place for an oil change will make sure that your automobile remains up-to-date with the best motor oil for your car. Whether it’s 10w30, 10w40, or one of the other nine grades of oil, the best oil change places know what motor oil to choose.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, American drivers use around 1.3 billion gallons of motor oil each year, and that, sadly, an estimated 200 million gallons winds up being illegally dumped. This is one of the several differences between the best place for an oil change and an ordinary oil change service. The used motor oil taken from your car is properly discarded, and meets the standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency and other various national, state, and local agencies.

The best place for an oil change will do more than simply replace your motor oil. They will know what motor oil types are best for your car, based upon make, model, the number of cylinders, age, and mileage. When it comes to the life of an automobile, the most important thing is its engine. It may seem like a small thing, but regular oil changes can lead to tens of thousands of extra miles out of your car’s engine. More research here: www.motoroilmatters.org

About engine oil Motor oil manufacturers When to change motor oil
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