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Urgent Care Facilities Providing Treatment and Evaluation of Acutely Arising Conditions

After hours urgent care

Good health is the primary concern of nearly all individuals. No one wants to be unhealthy, but everyone is well aware that illnesses and conditions can arise at any given time. Typically, people will have a primary care physician that handles all of their general healthcare needs. However, because illnesses, injuries, and conditions can arise so suddenly, many people find themselves needing other options for treatment because their primary care physician is only available during regular business hours. Quite commonly, people will seek treatment at an emergency room during these instances. The major issue with that, however, is that when a condition is not a true, life threatening emergency, then an emergency room is not necessary. Moreover, the costs of emergency room medical bills are very high. As a solution for avoiding very costly, unnecessary emergency room bills, individuals with acutely arising conditions can find after hours urgent care facilities in areas such as Fremont, California.

When it comes to matters of urgent health care, convenient care is often hard to come by. One of the main reasons people are in need of an alternative option for medical treatment is because of the hours or appointment availability of their physician. Statistics have shown that only 29 percent of primary care doctors practicing in the United States today offer after hours coverage.

The Certified Urgent Care Center designation for urgent care centers was established by the Urgent Care Association of America in the spring of 2009. In the United States today, urgent care centers account for 14 billion dollars in revenue annually. The objective of an urgent care facility is to ease the burden of emergency rooms by treating non life threatening injuries and illnesses. In addition to treating acutely arising conditions, some urgent health care centers can also provide lab services, x rays, and routine physicals. For treatment of non life threatening but urgent health care matters, individuals can go to urgent care facilities such as those in Fremont, California. More information like this.

In home health services Newark walk in clinic Urgent care milpitas
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