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Three Ways to Find the Best Sales People

Hiring sales people

Did you know that a sales hiring mistake can cost a business anywhere from 6-10 times the base salary of a sales person? Since the turnover rate for sales positions is more than 40% per year, sales recruitment agencies are able to help you find the best sales people because they have a wide range of personal contacts in their field of specialty. Although a recruitment agency will help screen candidates for you, it is up to you to make the final hiring decision. By looking for the following criteria when interviewing candidates, you will be able to hire sales people more effectively.

1. Confidence. When hiring sales people, one of the most important qualities to look for is confidence. Not only should sales people have a confident attitude, but they should also be confident in the products they are selling, as well. Although sales people should not be overly confident to the point where they become arrogant, confidence will go a long way in the sales industry.

2. Experience. Hiring sales people with previous experience is not always necessary, but it can be helpful. It is sometimes difficult finding candidates with a sufficient amount of experience, though, because 32% of sales people have only been with their companies for less than a year. Fortunately, recruitment agencies are able to provide you with experienced candidates if you so desire.

3. Perseverance. This is one of the most important qualities any sales person can possess. Sales people must be persistent when they attempt to make sales, otherwise the sales have a chance of falling through. Although sales people should not bombard or annoy clients with sales pitches, they must persevere in order to make more sales.

Since hiring sales people can be difficult, you must look for certain criteria when interviewing each candidate. Confidence, experience, and perseverance, for example, are three important qualities every good sales person should have. By hiring sales people based on these factors, you will have an easier time finding the best sales people for your sales team.

Best sales jobs Hire a sales rep Hiring a sales rep
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