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Approaching groups of womenAttracting womenHow do you meet women

Get the Woman You Want, Faster Than You Think

Getting back into the dating scene

We have all seen the movies about women who transform from nerdy, awkward, studious teenagers into the bold and beautiful. If you remember “She’s All That,” the character Laney Boggs was a classic example of these kinds of chick flicks. But who remembers movies where the shy guy in the glasses got the girl? There are definitely a few of these movies, of course, but the truth is that they are not nearly as memorable.

So does that mean that most men are simply brazen enough to talk to women, and they go on dates all the time?

Not necessarily.

There are a surprising number of men who are not even sure how to approach women, or how to speak with them. If you are one of these guys, instead of relying on movie tactics and fancy makeovers, here are some real things to consider when looking for a partner for life, or just a night out on the town.

First, there are more than 5,000,000 single adults in this country, so you are not alone by any means. Your looks do matter in terms of a first impression, but not all the time. Only about a quarter of adults think that your smile and your looks matter the most on a first date. There are other statistics to think about, such as the fact that single adults are more attracted to blondes 30% of the time, but this should not deter you if you are a redhead, or have brown, or black hair.

One of the best ways to learn how to approach women is to first evaluate your level of self-confidence. Even if you look like a runway model, shrinking in fear in front of women will get you nowhere. If you can be a great conversationalist, and be sure of yourself, you can easily make women approach you. The way you stand, smile, and carry yourself will speak volumes about your confidence level, and add to your personality. And personality makes a difference, as 30% of adults believe it is the most important trait of a potential mate, and almost 40% of women prefer to date “nice guys.”

Once you have mastered feeling confident, not cocky, about who you are, you will never have to worry about how to approach women in bars, in clubs, at the beach, in class, or anywhere. You can even enter online dating sites to reach out to other singles in your area, and feel secure about meeting possible mates. You will be able to go on as many dates as it takes to meet the right person, or simply date because you want to extend your circle of friends and acquaintances.

In any case, you do not necessarily have take off your glasses, start wearing designer clothes, and change your hair style to attract women. Your natural sense of humor, your charisma, and your inner charm can be enough as long as you are full of self-confidence. Continue reading here: www.themodernman.com

Approaching groups of women Attracting women How do you meet women
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