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The Many Advantages of Urgent Care Facilities

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According to a recent study, more than a third of all emergency room patients could receive the emergency medical care they need at their local urgent care facilities. If they chose to do that, they would not only alleviate the strain put upon an already over-taxed hospital emergency room staff, but they would receive faster treatment for a less money.

Obviously, given the surrounding circumstances, making a trip to the emergency room is never enjoyable. But is it not all ready bad enough that you have suffered an injury or illness serious enough to warrant emergency medical treatment without the added unpleasantness that is typical of a hospital emergency room?

When you go to the emergency room in a hospital you can expect to wait at least an hour or more to be treated. This is because emergency room staff must treat the most serious injuries and illnesses first. So they are not intentionally doing you a disservice. At the same time, it is never fun to have to wait to be treated when you are suffering.

In contrast to emergency rooms, an urgent medical care facility can treat patients in a fraction of the time that they will wait for treatment in a hospital emergency room. In fact, the average urgent care facility will treat 80 percent of patients within an hour, and more than 50 percent within the first 20 minutes.

Also, before dialing the emergency room phone number you should also consider how much money you can save. The typical urgent care will charge patients only about 10 percent of what an emergency room will charge, which makes them ideal for patients without the luxury of medical insurance.

The next time you are injured or ill enough to warrant emergency medical treatment, don’t waste your time dialing the emergency room phone number. After all, you can get the same level of professional treatment for only far less money, and in a lot less time. More info like this: www.immediateclinic.com

Back spasms treatment Seattle wa urgent care Urinary bladder infection
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