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Hire a Landscape Design Company to Create a Vibrant Outdoor Living Space

Waynesboro landscapers

Whether you’re planning to landscape your yard for personal enjoyment or to sell, it makes sense to hire a landscape design firm. While you may have a few ideas, and have been planning to do most of the work yourself, a landscape architect can accomplish this more effectively and in less time.

Were you aware that 85 million people in the United States have private lawns? On average, homeowners will spend four hours every week caring for these lawns. If you have a private lawn, how many hours do you spend caring for yours?

If you’re unable to spend sufficient time maintaining your yard, you may want to consider having a brick patio or deck built. You could also add raised beds and other well-designed landscaping features.

A recent survey showed that 85% of people in the United States believe it’s important to have a yard. For those Americans that do have private yards, 90% believe it’s important to keep them maintained.

Seeding or installing a lush green yard is just one of the home improvements that you may be considering. Other possible improvements include adding native plants and trees. A recent survey found that 92% of homeowners are adding region-specific plants to their yards.

If you’re considering trees, were you aware that they, in addition to well-placed plants, can reduce your heating and cooling bill up to 20%? When you have an outdoor air conditioner, a tree shading this unit can increase its efficiency up to ten percent.

How much time do you currently spend outside in your yard? Cold weather aside, you may not be enjoying this outdoor living space for a variety of reasons. Whether your work schedule or other obligations prevent you from enjoying time outdoors, when the area surrounding your home is professionally landscaped, you may discover that you can create more time to do so.

When homeowners have upgraded their outdoor areas, over half of them spend six or more hours outside every week. In addition to just relaxing alone or entertaining family and friends, they also enjoy gardening and other activities.

If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, were you aware that almost 90% of real estate agents will encourage you to landscape? While this can make a difference in curb appeal, more importantly, it can potentially bring a higher selling price.

Another benefit to hiring landscaping companies is that they can obtain wholesale plants. In addition to purchasing wholesale plants for your yard, they will also be able to locate just the right types of wholesale plants in this way. Whether you’re choosing to have plants that are native to your area or something more unique, a landscape architect will be able to take your ideas and bring them into being. .

Hardscaping services Landscaping companies waynesboro Waynesboro landscapers
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