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Four of the Dirtiest Areas in an Office

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Every business owner wants to have a workplace that is clean and safe. There are many areas within an office that are full of germs. It’s not wise to have workers confined around large areas of germs. The cost of employees not showing up to work can wreak havoc on a business. Many businesses employ some type of cleaning efforts. You’ll want to find a trusted provider of Delaware commercial cleaning services. Not cleaning an office professionally likely means harmful germs will still be present. In this post, you will learn four of the dirtiest areas in your office.

  • Telephones and Headsets

    Delaware commercial cleaning services know the importance of having clean phones in an office. The average office phone contains over 25,000 germs per square surface inch. People touch their telephones many times throughout the day. In addition, speaking into a phone causes the spread of saliva which contains bacteria. It’s important that employees regularly wipe all areas of their phones with cleaning wipes. The risk of bacteria spreading between employees increases if multiple workers are using the same telephone or headset device.
  • Elevator Buttons

    Nearly every office worker uses the elevator. In some cases, employees use elevators multiple times per day. Unfortunately, no one can be sure who is keeping their hands clean. The average button on an elevator is covered with millions of germs. It’s best to approach an elevator button with your knuckle to avoid touching the buttons. You never know whose fingers are touching the elevator.
  • Office Bathrooms

    It’s unsurprising that a bathroom in an office will be home to germs. You will definitely want to have Delaware commercial cleaning services take care of office bathrooms. There are so many potentially contaminated areas in a bathroom that it’s best to let the professionals handle this task. The average office bathroom is home to many types of bacteria.
  • Employee Desks

    You’ll be surprised to know that the average office desk has up to 400 times the germs found on workplace toilets. The desk is where an employee spends the majority of their day. In many cases, the more time an employee spends at a location, the more germs are left behind. Delaware commercial cleaning services will ensure all office desks are clean and sanitary.

In closing, there are several especially germ filled areas within an office. Telephones within an office are especially known for having high concentrations of germs. Nearly everyone in an office, including guests, regularly touch the buttons of an elevator. Office bathrooms are home to millions of germs. Employee desks are some of the dirtiest locations in an entire office building. Finding trusted Delaware commercial cleaning services will ensure your office is a healthy and safe workplace.

Commercial cleaning Delaware commercial cleaning services Janitor service
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