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The Best Options for Siding and Roofing Replacement A Ranking

You are finally on the tail end of one of the worst rainy seasons in a decade. Your roof and siding have been stormed on what seems like countless times, it’s been battered by hail and tree branches, and you have even picked up a few stray shingles in your yard every now and then. After find a sizable ceiling leak in your dining room, you have decided that it is time to finally schedule a roof replacement.
Where do you start? Before you call up your home siding and roofing company, shouldn’t you have an idea of what you want? How many different kinds of roofs are there anyway, and which one is best for you?
The answer is that there are quite a few types, and there are several factors that play key roles in choosing the right roof for a home. Some consumers choose the new siding and roof material that is most aesthetically pleasing in coordination with the rest of their home, while others prefer to find the choice that is most economical. The champion factor, however, is durability, following by cost of purchase and longevity.
Which factor is the most important one at play for you? If it is longevity, there are some options that can live longer than you will–such as clay tile roofs and slate roofs–but, since the average roofing company and homeowner prefer shingles (in fact, 80% of American homes are covered with shingles), here is a breakdown of the shingles varieties available to you.

  • Composite shingle roofs may or may not last. This is the most popular roofing material available, but because there are so many different brands and products under composite shingle roofs, the quality of the roofing material chosen might result in shingles that last 15 years, or as long as 50. High quality manufacturers will offer warranties to cover your roof, but you should still prolong the life of your shingles by clearing debris off of your roof as soon as possible, watching for moss growth, and never power washing.
  • Wood shingles and wood shake shingles are high maintenance. SInce it is a natural material, a roof covered with wooden shingles is vulnerable to the elements, from weathering to decay to insect infestation. While wood shingles can last around 25 years and wood shake shingles up to 40, this longevity will be severely decimated if curled or cracked shingles are not replaced, moss is not cleared away, and rotting or otherwise damaged areas are not immediately addressed.
  • Avoid asphalt roll roofs. Your roofing company will strongly advise against you choosing an asphalt roll roof, and may even refuse to install it. With a lifespan of barely a decade and extreme vulnerability to debris and damage, it is an unwise choice for your home, but may be suited for a gazebo or small shed. Similarly, the cheapest option for siding for your home will not always be the best.
  • If you are in the nation’s majority of homeowners who choose shingles and an aluminum or tin alloy for siding replacement for their durability, convenience, and classic look, then make sure you pick out the material that is the right investment for you and your home. Some roofing materials may look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but will bring you a lot of stress, costs, and maintenance obligations down the road.

    Fiber cement siding Residential siding Siding for your home
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