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Best Upgrades You can Make to Your House While it’s Hot Outside

Best Upgrades You can Make to Your House While it’s Hot Outside

If you’re a homeowner with any amount of experience, then you know just how important it is to invest in home upgrades from time to time. Even if you don’t know the first thing about how to upgrade your house, it’s likely that you’ll put some money into doing so at some point in time. After all, were you aware of the fact that according to data from Houzz, the average home renovation costs around $15,000? So the data shows that if you’re anything like most people, it’s reasonable to assume that you’ll put some substantial funds into making sure your next home renovation project is worth your time and money. So are you still unsure as to how to upgrade your house while it’s hot outside? Well, you’re certainly not alone. The warmer months can bring about a set of unique challenges for home renovation projects. That’s why we’ve come up with this simple list that gives you some ideas on how to upgrade your house while it’s still so hot outside.

Replace Your Home’s HVAC Systems

Of course, the warmer months mean that the inside temperature in your home will also be on the rise. If you just so happen to live in a climate that is known for its heat spells or long spans of high temperatures, then the effects of the warmer months will be felt even more by you and the rest of your family. Sure, sweating when you’re walking around the house and dealing with stuffy, humid air all day is no fun for anyone. But you should also consider the strain that such warm conditions place on your home itself. Anyone living through the summer months in their home should make sure that their air conditioning system is up for the task. After all, who wants to have to deal with a broken or malfunctioning air conditioning system on a hot summer day when they just so happen to need it the most?

Thankfully there is a lot that you can do to be proactive about keeping up with both your heating and air conditioning system. First and foremost, you should make it a regular part of your routine to schedule frequent visits from a qualified heating and cooling system contractor. These HVAC contractors can actively monitor the overall health and performance of your home’s temperature control systems to ensure that they continue to run as intended, both during the hottest days in summer, and in the coldest days that winter brings.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for information on how to upgrade your house, then starting at your heating and cooling system provides an excellent path toward improvement. Far too many homeowners end up investing significant funds into making sure their house looks nice, all the while neglecting the more foundational technical systems that make their home a comfortable, relaxing environment to be in. In addition to keeping up with regular HVAC inspections, you may also want to consider upgrading your system altogether. Modern heating and cooling systems use state of the art technology that not only optimizes their performance but also minimizes the amount of energy that they use. These modern units and systems are excellent options if you’re wondering how to upgrade your house while also being kind to the environment and cutting back on your monthly utility bill.

Invest in Changing Your Roof to Metal Roofing

When thinking about the roof on their home, most people tend to think that certain types of roofs are just better than others. While this may be true in some extreme cases, it’s more accurate to say that the type of roof you have depends on several factors. Some of these factors include the location and climate in which your home is placed and the style of home that you have. By taking these factors and more into account, you may discover that replacing your roof to a different style may yield some incredible benefits for the rest of your home. In fact, when you’re thinking about how to upgrade your house, then moving forward with a quality roof inspection may be just the thing you need.

When you do get in contact with a local roof inspection service, it’s often a good idea to ask them about other roof types, styles, and options that are available to you as a homeowner. Many homeowners simply buy their homes and move into them without putting much thought into the safety or efficiency of the roof above them. For those who own homes in hot climates, it may be easy to assume that a metal roof would only attract more sun and add to the heat in their homes. However, modern metal roofing options actually serve to reflect sunlight. This effective installation can lead to some significant energy savings while also reducing the strain on your heating and cooling systems. Even if you’re not totally certain about making the switch to a metal roof, it’s well worth your time and energy to at least do some research and talk to your local roof inspection service about the possibility of making the switch. It just might end up saving you lots of energy and money in the end!

Consider Having New Windows Installed

Of course, the windows on your home also have an important role to play in the overall energy equation of your home’s efficiency in relation to temperature. Without the right window installation, you stand to risk optimal efficiency in nearly every aspect of your home. We all probably know that old and outdated window installations can wreak havoc on a home’s ability to retain heat through the colder months of the year. However, how many of us put much thought into how our window installations affect our home’s ability to retain and circulate cooler air throughout the warmer months of the year as well?

With the hot season upon us, there’s never been a better time to consider how to upgrade your house with new window installations. If you haven’t had your windows inspected in some time, then the chances are that you’re living with windows that are not nearly as efficient as they could be. As a matter of fact, it’s likely that your windows are affecting the temperature in your home much more than you’re aware of. As mentioned earlier, these kinds of compounding factors can easily add up which then leads to even more stress placed on your heating and cooling systems.

More modern window installations take several factors into consideration. First and foremost, new window installers can adjust the thickness of the glass in order to ensure that too much of the outside world isn’t getting in. Certain areas in homes can fall prey to nearly constant sunlight. However, many homeowners are simply oblivious to the fact that such long term sunlight exposure can exert some nearly irreversible damage onto their floors, furniture, rugs, and any belongings that happen to be in the path of the light. Thankfully, by having new windows installed you can avoid much of this damage that may have otherwise laid waste to your flooring and personal belongings.

Take This Time to Replace Your Bathroom Vanity

When it’s so hot outside, it’s never a bad idea to focus on how to upgrade your house from the inside. As a space that is visited often, your bathroom can always benefit from key upgrades, repairs, and additions. If you have been dealing with a plumbing problem, a bad pipe, or a leaky faucet, then the warmer months present an excellent chance to take care of these problems without having to work any long hours outside in the sun and heat. But if you’ve taken care of these issues already, then it’s time to look toward other additions, such as replacing your bathroom countertops.

New bathroom countertops can upgrade your bathroom both in terms of function and aesthetic. Match your bathroom vanity to your tile and you may notice that the rest of the room seems to flow together much better. Additionally, replacing your bathroom countertops may also help you to be better prepared for spills, leaks, and other mishaps that may be unique to a bathroom. In any case, replacing your bathroom vanity is an excellent way to remain productive indoors if you’ve been wondering how to upgrade your house during the warmer months.

Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets

On a similar note, you can’t forget your kitchen either. As a staple of food, fun, and communion, it’s likely that you spend a significant amount of your day in your kitchen. So why not make sure that it’s looking and operating at its absolute best? And what better time to address vital kitchen repairs than when it’s too hot to do work outside?

One of the most significant changes you can make to improve your kitchen’s look and feel is to refinish your kitchen cabinets. Sure in some cases if you’re wondering how to upgrade your house by starting in your kitchen, then it may be necessary to get new kitchen cabinets altogether. However, in the vast majority of cases, a nice refinishing job can breathe a new and much-needed life into the rest of the room. What’s more, many of these jobs can be done without too much of a demand on your time or your wallet!

Transform Your Outdoor Areas with Landscaping Additions

The warmer months may also mean that you’re spending even more time enjoying the outdoor areas of your home. Whether you’re playing on running around and playing games in the backyard with your friends, neighbors, and family members, or if you’re just planning to soak up some sun by the pool, there’s no denying that your outdoor areas play an important role in the overall enjoyment that you get out of your home. This is why you should invest in some high-quality landscaping services in order to keep your yard looking at its absolute best.

Of course, you will want to keep up with routine yard tasks such as mowing the lawn and keeping plants free of weeds and pests. But the warmer months also present an opportunity to take care of installing some more complex landscaping features, such as a sprinkler system or erosion control. Still, wondering how to upgrade your house in the warmer months? Why not take it a step further by having some new plants or even a garden put in. There’s no telling just how much you can transform your home’s outdoor areas with the right approach to your landscaping.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

Don’t get so caught up in figuring out how to upgrade your house with fancy additions that you forget about your garage! After all, it’s likely that your garage serves multiple functions, and as such, it requires some particular attention from you as a homeowner. Your garage door, for example, plays a major role in the overall curb appeal and presentation of your home’s exterior. Investing in a new garage door installation is a great way to immediately infuse some more charm into your home while also improving the first impression that visitors get when they arrive to greet you.

Build a New Deck

A new deck can truly take even the most average home to the next level. There are many benefits to building a new deck to complement the rest of your home. As a matter of fact, when you build on your lot you not only improve the quality of your day to day life, but you also add value to your property. However, once your new deck arrives, you’ll probably love it so much that you won’t ever think about selling your home and moving again anytime soon!

Invest in New Furniture

Finally, the warmer months give you the chance to take stock of the furniture inside your home. Is that chair in your living room getting to the end of its life? Why not take the time to reupholster it or replace it? Are your young children growing up? Maybe it’s time to consider getting some new kids bunk beds. Whatever choices you decide to make, there’s simply no denying the fact that even one piece of new furniture can have a dramatic effect on the stylistic appeal of any given room in your home. The options are nearly limitless. Try mixing and matching different furniture in order to obtain a look and ambiance that represents your creativity and creates a unique nurturing atmosphere inside.

Once again, it’s okay to acknowledge that if you’re wondering how to upgrade your house in the warmer months, you’re facing some unique challenges and hurdles to overcome. You’re at an even greater disadvantage if you live in a climate that tends to get extreme heat and inclement weather patterns. In any case, we hope that this simple list of ideas has helped you to feel more empowered when thinking about how to upgrade your house when it’s so hot outside. We wish you the best of luck and we hope your home ends up looking better than it ever has before!

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