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A Brief Introduction to Buying Iraqi Dinar

Dinar trade

If you’re interested in an introduction to Iraq currency, known as the dinar, this article is meant for you. Before the Gulf War, the currency was commonly referred to as the Swiss dinar, after Swiss printing technology. After the 1991 war, Iraqi currency began to be printed in China as well as at home in Iraq. The quality of the paper was low at that time, due to the use of wood pulp paper as opposed to linen or cotton fabrics. It was also reported that newspaper presses were used to print some notes, resulting in inferior lithography.

Over the years, the dinar has expanded in denomination, thus making the possibility of buying Iraqi dinar more and more a reality. Fifty and 100 dinars notes were issued beginning in 1991, with 250 dinars coming out in 1995. Eventually, the 10,000 dinars notes were released in 2002. The central Bank of Iraq issued this denomination for “larger, and interbank transactions.”

The Iraqi dinar is now available for sale internationally. Iraqi dinar investment can be seen as an investment in the “cradle of civilization,” as Iraq is sometimes called. Are you interested in buying iraqi dinar? Do you have any questions about current Iraqi dinar value? Comments about the dinar trade in general? Leave them below, in the comments.

The Best Options for Buying Dinar


Did you know the dinar was not the currency in Iraq until 1932? By 1959, the Iraq’s currency was at par with the British pound, even though Iraq’s main exportation is oil. Iraq deals in U.S. dollars when it comes to buying and selling oil. Today, people from all over the world invest in the dinar and buying Iraqi currency from a secure company is a top priority. Since the Iraq’s currency is not for buying and selling oil, the dinar is mainly an exotic currency. Before you buy any Iraqi currancy, be sure to check out the value of dinars to dollars.

The exchange rate between two foreign currencies is one of the most important elements to pay attention to, especially if you are an investor. If you want to buy Iraqi currency as a collector, you may not care that much about the exchange rate. By 2002, 10,000 dinars banknote became available after the Central Bank of Iraq printed them out. Larger banknotes in Iraq are for larger transactions between two banks or more. While looking for Iraqi dinar for sale, be sure to review the delivery fees and other important factors between companies selling Iraq currency.