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Do You Really Know How To Fix That Leaky Pipe?

Residential heating and cooling

Plumbing, electricity, and heating ventilation air condition, or HVAC, are all systems in a home or business that should be well taken care of.

Plumbing comes from the Latin for lead, plumbum. Pipes used for plumbing systems were once made from lead. Today, plumbing pipes are made from copper, plastic, brass, and other non toxic materials. Lead has not been used in plumbing pipes for decades due to its toxicity. Common plumbing problems are a toilet not draining properly and a clogged toilet. A running toilet will increase your water bill and should be addressed as quickly as possible. Licensed plumbing contractors can help with toilet problems. The thought of a famous plumber might be mind boggling, but Th Read More

Plumbing, HVAC, Generators Don’t Put off your Comfort in your Own Home

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Does your home need a renovation? Or maybe just some updates? Especially in Virginia Beach, where you have a very humid, subtropic climate, you want to make sure that your plumbing and HVAC systems are up to snuff, not to mention your plumbing Virginia Beach. Here are some interesting facts about them both.

1. Central heat in the modern age owes a debt to the cumbersome radiator. It was invented in the mid 1850s by a Russian businessman, born in Poland and living in St. Petersburg named Franz San Galli.

2. In 1932 the first window air conditioner was introduced, but they weren’t affordable enough for the majority of the population until a few decades later.

3. In the 1930s and 40s lead piping was beginning to replace copper piping in use for plumbing as we began to understand the dangers of lead he Read More