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Who Knew Healthy Could Taste So Good?

Best hummus recipe

If you love creamy, delicious, flavorful dip, you might want to consider serving hummus at your next party. Hummus is a Middle Eastern and Arabic spread that has become a worldwide phenomenon over the years. Its texture and versatility have also made it one of the most popular snack foods at parties and gatherings. You can buy many different kinds of hummus at the grocery store, or there are a number of easy hummus recipes that you can try at home. This is probably the best way to go, because there is nothing like being able to create food that fits your own unique tastes.

A hummus spread is traditionally made using chick peas. These peas are cooked and mashed, then blended with tahini, which is made from ground sesame seeds, olive oil, garlic, salt, and lemon juice. Read More