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How to Beat Those Rigmarole Blues

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Are you an artist who has been made to fit?

In his 1920 novel “This Side of Paradise,” which depicted the growth of a young man developing his persona through times of great brilliance, philosophical depression and romantic strife, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “By the great commercializing of printing you’ve found a harmless, polite occupation for every genius who might have carved his own niche. But beware the artist who’s an intellectual also. The artist who doesn’t fit -”

If you are suffering from the Amory Blaine affect, our family of RQuinox Q Blogs can kick you out of your vexation with the perfect medicine: a fanciful amalgamation of words designed by the umbrella hipster-pop-indie online mag family RQuinox Q Blogs. This Celebrating the heritage of Americana rooted in the stealing of innocence by the pa Read More