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EnchiladasFlan recipeRecetas de postres

Easy Mexican Recipes Help American Cooks


Thousands of Americans believe that they have what it takes to cook excellent Spanish and Mexican food. However, many of these Americans are simply kidding themselves. In fact, they do not have what it takes because they did not grow up eating and cooking Mexican food; instead, they learned about Mexican food by patronizing Mexican restaurants. Therefore, when these Americans try to cook Mexican food, they often find that they do not know what they are doing.

Consequently, many of these Americans have turned to websites which offer easy Mexicans recipes. Conversely, many of these Americans have purchased cookbooks which also offer easy Mexican recipes. However, in a futile attempt to hide their shame, these Americans cannot bring themselves to say the words “easy recipes.” Instead, they use the term “recetas fáciles.” (Many of these Americans mispronounce the phrase “recetas fáciles.”) For some unknown reason, these Americans want to be Mexicans who cook arroz con pollo, ceviche recipes, como hacer flan, empanadas, enchiladas, flan recipes, and tamales. Needless to say, many American find that these “recetas fáciles” are less easy to cook than they initially expected; they ultimately spend far more time cooking these “recetas fáciles” than they spend eating them.

After struggling in vain to cook these “recetas fáciles,” many Americans revert to their old habits. In other words, they start going to Mexican restaurants again where they can order Mexican chefs to cook “recetas fáciles.” Wealthy Americans even go so far as to hire Mexican chefs who will cook these “recetas fáciles” for their clients. These wealthy Americans sometimes help these Mexicans sneak into the country illegally. They do not care about illegal immigration laws; they only care about easy access to “recetas fáciles.” See this reference for more.

Enchiladas Flan recipe Recetas de postres
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