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The Future is Mobile

Alabama internet marketing

Mobile technology is the wave of the future, and the future is here in web design Alabama. In 2011, Apple reported that it sold nearly 25 million iPads worldwide. In addition, since 2009, the number of consumers switching to smartphones has more than doubled, according to Nielsen data. Basically, out of the 4 billion cellular phones used each day worldwide, more than one billion of those (25 percent) are smartphones. As more and more mobile phone users migrate to mobile and digital platforms to access the internet, email, and social networking sites, (81 percent of mobile users use their device to access news and information each day) a resounding need for websites that are mobile friendly has arisen for any company with a website.

You may be thinking to yourself that your web design Alabama, such as Huntsville web design, needs are being met. Think again. A flashy site with colorful graphics takes second place to a website that is user friendly, simple, and easy to navigate. In fact, Steve Krug, author of Dont Make Me Think, a book about the human computer connection of web usability, says that internet users want self explanatory websites, that, err, do not make them think! That being said, how easy to navigate and simple to view is your website on a mobile device? If you do not have a mobile version of your website, it would behoove you to enlist the help of a web design Alabama firm.

Web design Alabama does not end with aesthetics and mobile sites, either. An Alabama internet marketing or web design Alabama guru can also help you get the most bang for your social media marketing buck, too. Utilizing social media marketing methods are focused more on serving and keeping your current customers; not so much on driving more sales, which is the crux of email marketing. Web design Alabama (including web design Huntsville AL) firms make it their business to know these strategies, and will not only redesign your site for optimum usability, but will give you the ultimate return on investment, too. Reference links.

Alabama internet marketing Web design alabama Web design huntsville al
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