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Better living through chemistry. That famous slogan could not be more true than it is today. Americans are awash in a variety of materials. Some are all natural materials including cotton and wood and iron. Others like nylon and vinyl and plastics have the benefits of being more flexible in their applications. Nylon makes good windbreakers and sleeping bags and stockings for women. It also helped the Allies win World War II by being the primary material used in parachutes. Vinyl is even more wide ranging in its applications and usefulness. Vinyl can be used to laminate fabric. Vinyl coated fabric can quite water proof despite the fact that the name is derived from the Latin word vinum the root for wine. Printable vinyl can be used to make truck side curtain vinyl signs and other advertising media that will survive the elements. Vinyl sign material and vinyl fabrics are quite durable. This is one reason it was used for decades as the material record albums were manufactured out of. Vinyl also has the benefit of being recyclable and thus a sustainable material.
Truck side curtain vinyl signs hold their color and wear less than other materials because of the same durability that makes vinyl so useful in athletic equipment such as gym mats as well as track and field jump pits. The durability of vinyl has been proven through its frequent use in childhood development toys and learning tools. Truck side curtain vinyl tarps and mats may have other uses besides simple advertising. Truck side curtain vinyl will keep produce and lumber dry in storms and keep lighter materials from blowing out onto the highway and dangerously into traffic.
Truck side curtain vinyl advertising is terrific in terms of its durability. One of the most famous truck advertising moments in cinematic history would not have been possible with truck side curtain vinyl. At the end of the 40 Year Old Virgin the character played by Steve Carell is riding his bike and flips and flies through a hard sided billboard truck. He lays on the ground and moans that there were two sides to that sign and they both hurt really bad. A truck side curtain vinyl advertisement would not have been destroyed as humorously.

How to price a vinyl design Sign material suppliers Vinyl sign material
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