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Our fathers found jobs which required them to sit at oak desks and write reports which would be dutifully typed and filed by secretaries and receptionists. However, this traditional office environments is becoming less common in the twenty first century. Indeed, many jobs no longer require large offices and expensive wooden desks. Instead, the managers decide to outsource these jobs to foreign companies or that it is cheaper for the workers to work from home. However, these managers still need somebody to answer the phones, so many of these managers are hiring virtual receptionists from firms which offer virtual receptionist services. The term “virtual receptionist services” is something of a misnomer, as it implies that robots have replaced human beings in regards to live answering services and phone answering services. They have not. Real people still provide telephone answering services. The difference is that these people are no longer located in the physical office (which may not exist) but are located across the country or across the world. One receptionist may provide telephone call answering services for multiple clients. The work structure within these virtual receptionist services eliminates downtime and maximizes efficiency. However, many companies which offer virtual receptionist services encourage clients to hire a virtual receptionist who lives and works in the same country as the company. This will prevent language barriers from hindering their work.

Call answering services Live receptionist answering service Receptionist services
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