Day: July 3, 2013

Shop at Theodore’s and discover how furniture should feel

Modern furniture dc

In medieval times, primarily noblemen or those in the upper echelons of society, most notable in the form of thrones, used chairs. Those deemed lower class were forced to either stand for the duration of a meeting or gathering or sit on the floor. If you were lucky, you may get the comfort of sitting perched on a backless stool. Thank goodness we don’t live in olden times anymore and we have evolved into a mass culture that let’s just about everyone, and everything if you love your pets, sit on the furniture. No one is excluded from the comforts of casual seating these days.

Of course, this is great news for modern furniture architects who make it their sole mission to sell quality custom furniture pieces to those who enjoy sitting and reclining. Can you imagine a world where you welcome guests to your Read More

Toxic Mold Could Be Hiding Behind Your Walls!

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It is very easy to find your home flooded if you live in the Houston area. Houston water remediation services are commonly called in the area, because you can strike water in Houston by digging just ten feet. That is why, if you have noticed, many of the homes in Houston are without basements. That is also why companies that specialize in water remediation houston has available tend to “flood” the home repair market.

Calling a Houston water damage service will be essential if you are in need of Houston flood restoration. A surprising amount of mold can become toxic if not taken care of property. If you do come across such mold in your home, you should never attempt to remove it yourself. Call a Read More