Day: July 16, 2013

Your Down Payment Should Not Get You Down!

Steps to buying your first home

Putting a down payment on a house is starting a new life. I remember buying my first home. It was spring time when I found myself putting a down payment on a house for me and my wife and I just could not believe it was actually happening. Everything seemed so much sweeter and there was music in the air. But that may have just been the tweeting Robbins of New England.

Putting a down payment on a house is not all magic and singing birds. The California Association of Realtors, for example, expects thee prices of homes to continue to rise throughout the end of 2013.

Buying a home can become rather financially devastating, depending on your bu Read More

Fun Facts About Locksmiths

Locksmith boca raton fl

Almost every exterior doorway in the world has a lock. In the event those locks are broken or keys are lost, there is need for a locksmith. Locksmiths are specialists who can perform lock installations, duplicate keys and gain access through broken locks or locks with lost keys. Locksmiths can also perform rekeying, which is changing a lock so that a different key may operate it. Boca raton locksmiths are available for any of these services with a simple phone call. Many are available 24 hours a day, for that forgetful individual who locks their keys in the car or themselves out of the house at all times of the day.

Here are some interesting historical snippets about locksmiths and lock installation that may interest you.

Wooden loc Read More

Why Mobile Device Management is Crucial to Your Company

Ipad security

Currently, there are over 1 billion smartphone users worldwide. Mobile devices are no longer a method of calling one another. Smartphones give users the ability to not only contact other individuals, but also browse the internet, conduct business, manage funds, work on developmental projects, and much, much more. With the expanding capabilities of mobile devices, it is no surprise that many modern companies are instituting using them as tools in the workplace. Bring your own device (BYOD) policies are often used by companies. But by allowing BYOD, there are many additional hurdles that a company must overcome to protect and manage data. The number one concern is security, with cost and staff expertise coming in second and third. Just to clarify, this discussion will focuses primarily on Apple mobile devices, iP Read More