Day: August 11, 2013

Customer Growth and Retention Made Simple with a Monthly Newsletter

Newsletter printer

One of the most successful ways to reach business goals is thought to be email newsletters, according to 68% of marketers. Creating a newsletter that is capable of catching a customers eye can be challenging. However, making the most of your newsletter, and keeping it up to date can prove to be priceless in many aspects.

Investing in programs such as newsletter pro can help you sustain and grow your customer base in many ways. Newsletters help businesses retain customers by keeping their name visible and accessible. Customer loyalty can also lead to new customer referrals, and can entice a whole new customer base. Newsletter marketing can also be great for cross sellin Read More

How Ruby for the Web can Help you Build Responsive Web Applications

Mobile phone app development

Mobile app development is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of application development as more and more businesses are trying to enter the mobile app market. This desire to create mobile applications is understandable considering that the amount of active mobile app users worldwide is set to reach 2.1 billion by 2016. iPhone and Android mobile app development dominate mobile phone apps, but they are not the only choices for developing mobile apps. Since all smartphones are capable of accessing the internet, mobile web app development is an alternative to native smartphone apps. And one of the best ways to create these is to use Read More