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How Ruby for the Web can Help you Build Responsive Web Applications

Mobile phone app development

Mobile app development is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of application development as more and more businesses are trying to enter the mobile app market. This desire to create mobile applications is understandable considering that the amount of active mobile app users worldwide is set to reach 2.1 billion by 2016. iPhone and Android mobile app development dominate mobile phone apps, but they are not the only choices for developing mobile apps. Since all smartphones are capable of accessing the internet, mobile web app development is an alternative to native smartphone apps. And one of the best ways to create these is to use Ruby for the web applications that you want to build.

Using Ruby for the web will help you to build web applications that can be used to outshine any native mobile apps you may build. Certainly, it is better to have mobile apps for all of the major platforms than having none at all, but a web application can offer many of the same features as a native mobile app. There is one thing that mobile apps developers must keep in mind when developing any application, but especially when developing web applications: responsiveness is key. This is the biggest advantage that native mobile apps have over web apps; they are generally much more responsive. However, this does not have to be the case.

Using a competent language to help develop your web applications such as Ruby for the web, can help you to build responsive mobile web applications. And a responsive web application is absolutely vital in order to compete with other native mobile apps. Having a mobile web application that is responsive is much more likely to keep users around. If a web application is not well designed and responsive, many users become frustrated and simply stop using the web app. Using Ruby for the web applications you develop will allow you to create a responsive website that will provide a better, cleaner experience for your mobile users. This is why even Google recommends that your website utilize mobile responsive design.

And using Ruby for the web applications you develop doesn’t just provide a responsive website, it can provide SEO benefits as well. Responsive web design will allow you to present a single URL for a page, instead of having to present a separate mobile URL in addition to your standard one. Designing a web application that is responsive to both mobile and desktop users is vital if you want to attract users through search engine optimization.

Business intelligence software companies Hosting ruby on rails Quality assurance service
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