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Collaborative Relationships Something to Think About

Collaborative divorce lawyers

A collaborative law divorce goes back a long time in American history. Nevada was one of the first states to allow no fault divorce and, somewhat ironically, New York State was the very last state to allow the same. But sometimes collaborative law divorce can be signed into a contract before the divorce. In fact, there are times when people will use collaborative divorce law before the wedding even takes place.

An example of one case in which collaborative law works before the fact is when a prenuptial agreement is signed. For those who ask what is collaborative divorce, it is often some kind of legal separation that occurs under circumstances that are laid out in a prenuptial agreement.

The American Law and Economics Review reports that women file over two thirds of divorce cases in the United States. That beeing said, there is good news that comes with the current statistics on divorce. For one thing, divorce rates have been declining for around 30 years now. This is probably not because of the laws regarding divorce which are fairly lenient, although it varies from state to state rather than being governed by federal law.

Collaborative family law can be a useful thing to think about before finally tying the knot and it is a good way for people to figure out what, precisely, works for them. Around 70 percent of couples live in a house where the wife tends to do more of the housework, regardless of whether or not she works outside the home.

It is typically best to get a sense of what communal life as a married couple will be like before the wedding takes place. Surprising as it may sound, the New York Times recently published a column from a sociologist who had found that people who cohabitate are actually more likely to be divorced than those who had not. The psychological factors that go into divorce are complicated. People need to understand all of them. See this reference for more: www.carylwleightman.com

Collaborative law divorce Family divorce lawyer Nj collaborative law
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