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Top Five Reasons That You Should Be Using SEO in Your Business Plan

Seo business plans

Do you know what SEO marketing can do for your company website? If you do not know what SEO marketing is and the benefits of SEO blogs, then your site is most likely in dire need of update. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Which is just a technical way of describing the ways you get your site higher in google rankings. Did you know that less than a quarter of internet users ever scroll past the first page of search results? The best way to improve your comanys online marketing is to improve your search engine rankings through the use of Seo business plans.

1. Companies that use SEO blogs have an astounding 434. more indexed pages. The main benefit of this is that it results in more leads.

2. Over 88 percent of US internet users, ages 14 and up, will browse or research products online in 2012. According to recent studies, 40 percent of those will follow up on social media, requesting information before making a purchase. Your company should be taking advantage of this as best as it can.

3. An astounding 42 percent of Internet search users click on the top ranking organic result. One of the best ways to achieve this result for your company is through the use of SEO business pans.

4. Organic click through generates 25 percent higher conversion rates than equivalent Pay Per Click, or PPC, click through. PPC is one of the most basic business plans out there and it is really no wonder that it is necessary to create business plans that are a little bit more complex and nuanced like those provided by SEO.

5. Did you know that the PageRank algorithm process is named for Larry Page, one of the co founders of Google?

Create business plan Seo business Seo business plans
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