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Blogging and its role in media for marketing

From humble beginnings, as web logs, blogs have grown to become one of the foremost mediums internet communication. Originally kicked off as a simple means by which people could communicate before the advent of social media, or even subscription email providers, web logs were digital communities that used a bulletin board system allowing members within to communicate with each other.

Now, as the online marketing industry continually searches for new platforms from which to communicate to various demographics, the relevance of blogging in the public sphere has become less and less deniable.

The relationship between news and new media has been stressed to the point of riff for sometime. Out of that struggle rose new avenues for media development.

There are two types of bloggers: the sort who begin blogging to
amplify communication to consumers, and the type who begin out of an effort to explore a new idea or subject. No matter the motivation for blogging, there is one common end. Blogging has become the act of exploring a subject in pursuit of an audience. If you are writing online articles and posting them to a blog, then necessarily this is what you are doing. Modern blogs of the nature have their roots in news blogs, written by journalists. In 2001 these blogs written by were some of the original kick starters to the blogging world, and continue to a a great asset. Why?

Blogging fills a void left between social media, which provides laundry-listed bullet points of experience, and the formalized professional media, which makes a point to remove personal commentary from the content. Between these two mediums blogging is able to provide content that is both personalized and informative. Those two attributes allow for people to connect with the content, resulting in the development of an audience.

What do marking, bloggers, and their articles have to do with you?

Not only this, but if you are currently blogging from your bed stand, blogging can get you hired. By developing your own news and an audience to read it you are proving your value. With this proven value, it will not be long before a company larger than your army of one blogster will come knocking to recruit your services. If you are that company, then you may already know the pull that great bloggers have. Bloggers can keep companies in touch with their consumers, in turn keeping consumers activated and reposting company articles.

Blogging Online news
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