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Looking For Things to Do in Rochester?

Rochester events

Naturally, if you googled “event listing Rochester,” you’d find a ton of great events in Rochester NY. Yet, many people wonder what to do in Rochester, because they feel like there’s not many things to do in Rochester.

To be blunt, these people haven’t gotten out into the city enough to claim that there’s no great Rochester events. Why, you don’t even have to search “event listing Rochester” to find something to do. To prove this point, here’s an “event listing Rochester” for things you can do any time in the city!

Check Out the View of the City From Cobb’s Hill.

The reservoir at Cobb’s hill offers a spectacular of the city, particularly at night. All of the traffic and streetlights create a kind of smoldering effect, which is simply beautiful. Plus, it’s also a great place for a run or walk, as there’s an asphalt path around it.

Eat at One of Rochester’s Best Restaurants.

Yes, the Garbage Plate is a staple of the city’s cuisine, but there are so many other noteworthy restaurants to check out other than your local hots place. City, Rochester’s alternative newspaper, issues a “Best of” every year that includes everything from the most popular barista to the best Mexican restaurant (which was Salena’s for 2013). If you want to find cool, new place to grub, the list is well worth checking out.

Go Sledding!

Being right on top of a lake in the Northern parts of the country, many Rochesterians have had to find ways to put the cold, snowy weather to good use. The answer they come up with? Sledding. Why not check out Mendon Ponds Park, Powder Mills Park, or Ellison Park for some excellent sledding action!

These are only a few of the great things you’ll find to do in Rochester. If you have any questions about this “event listing Rochester” here, or if you have any items to add to this “event listing Rochester,” feel free to share in the comments.

Calendar rochester Rochester ny music
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