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Chew proof crate bedsChew proof dog bedsDog beds

Dogs Get Stressed Out, Too How To Curb Their Anxiety With Chew Proof Dog Beds

You’ve just invited a new furry friend into your home. You’re ready to enjoy the warm, happy days that come with owning a pet. …Save for the mess, that is!

Dogs communicate with their tails and their mouths. While it’s plenty cute when they jump up and lick your face after a long day away, it’s certainly less cute when they chew up their dog bed out of boredom. Whether you have a puppy or an older hound, finding the best dog beds is the very definition of being proactive. You’ll save yourself time and save your dog the heartbreak that comes with consequences. Not sure where to get started with chew proof dog beds?

Here are some quick facts to get you started on the way to smart dog ownership.

Dogs Remain America’s Number One Pet

Just how popular are canines? Let’s take a look at some statistics. A recent study determined dogs to be the most popular household pet, with cats and fish following close behind. Millions of American households today have at least one dog, which is great news for anyone interested in buying some high-quality pet supplies. Dog beds are in ready supply and come in variations including the dog kennel pad and the chew proof crate.

Chewing And Gnawing Is A Sign Of Boredom

Dogs have ways of surprising us…for better and for worse! When you find your shoes torn up or your couch in shambles, you might be wondering what you did wrong. Dogs have a tendency to chew things up because they’re bored, in need of stimulation and something to occupy their lonely hours without you. Chew proof dog crate pads ensure you’re not wasting money, designed to be tough on teeth. Make sure to walk your dog regularly to keep them in a good mood!

Reduce Your Dog’s Stress With Smart Products

Animals get stressed just like we do. They show it in different ways, however. Dogs, as touched on above, have a tendency to chew and gnaw on whatever they find to get through a bad day. Separation anxiety is particularly common among dogs today and can be tricky to resolve without a little help. Chew proof dog beds will at least ensure you’re not more frustrated than you need to be, crafted to be durable and comfortable all at once.

Improving Your Dog’s Oral Health Is Key

Good oral health is an ongoing act. You should be brushing your dog’s teeth on a regular basis, breaking up stubborn plaque and double-checking their gums for any troublesome spots. What else can help keep your dog’s teeth healthy? Just look up some healthy pet bones and treats designed to freshen them up, one delicious bite at a time. Remember to avoid chicken bones, as they’re brittle and can easily become stuck in a dog’s throat.

All Dogs Appreciate A Comfortable, Long-Lasting Bed

Who doesn’t love a soft, cozy place to rest their head after a long day? Animals truly aren’t all that different from us. Dog beds should provide you and your furry friend with a little bit of everything, from hypoallergenic design to a chew proof crate. They should also be strong enough to hold up to repeated usage, which means no flattening or shrinking! Make sure to keep the dog kennel pad free from moisture, as mold can build up and affect everybody’s health.

Give your dog something to smile about. Get chew proof dog beds that are built to last.

Chew proof crate beds Chew proof dog beds Dog beds
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