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Hiring Cleaning Contractors The Walk-Through

Hiring Cleaning Contractors  The Walk-Through

In this video, you will learn how to do a walk-through of a commercial client’s space that needs cleaning. This cleaning business offers corporate clients office space, kitchen, and janitorial cleaning services. The company has a website optimized for search engine results, and that is how they market their commercial cleaning services and get found by clients.

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Before a walk-through, it is important to carry along a pen, paper, and phone to record the conversations. This helps to remember what was said. Also, wear a mask to stay safe.
During a walk-through, re-confirm what you hear about each area’s cleaning needs. You also can write it down or record the instructions.
This walk-through went into a conference room, spaces with desks, a kitchen with a fridge, microwave, oven, and these were all to be swept, mopped, dusted, and washed. There was also a request for janitorial cleaning services for the bathroom.
As you take notes, clarify anything, and confirm if windows and glass doors are also to be cleaned because they may require more time.
This video is great to watch if you are looking to hire cleaning contractors or get into the cleaning business. Watch it to the end to learn more.

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