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How to Properly Clean Your AC

How to Properly Clean Your AC

Cleaning an AC is easier than it looks, and the best part is that you won’t need the help of air condition services. Here in RoyTecTips, we’ll teach you step-by-step how to clean your air conditioner properly.

Dry your AC

If your AC has been running for a while, you should turn it off and wait a couple of hours before cleaning it. By drying your AC, you avoid dealing with moisture and bad odor.

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Safety first

Remember to turn off your AC and unplug it directly from the source, as you might cause an electrical accident while cleaning the AC.

Clean the air filters

Remove the air filters from the AC and clean them with warm water, be sure to remove all the dust and any outside element of the filter and let it dry completely before putting them back on the AC.

Use an air blower

Instead of water, we highly suggest using an air blower to remove any dust from your AC. Blow carefully and through every part of the AC.

By doing these steps, your AC will be running smooth and clean. Avoid calling any air condition services and watch out for our AC videos.


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