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10 Hidden Benefits of Installing a New Roof

10 Hidden Benefits of Installing a New Roof

According to Statista, the majority of U.S homes were built 20 to 30 years ago. Only a small percentage of homes in the U.S were built in the 21st century, although that’s changing rapidly. If your home has been standing for decades, you might need a new roof instead of making small repairs on your old roof.

Roofs form a critical component of your home. They keep you and your family protected from extreme weather conditions. Protection from the elements is likely why you invest in a new roof. However, the benefits of installing new roof on your home far exceed protection.

If you have been thinking of having a new roof, you probably want assurance that your investment is valuable. You might have also considered extending the life span of your roof through repairs and maintenance. We will look at signs you need a roof so you can be sure installing a new roof is valuable. You will discover the multiple hidden benefits of installing new roof on your home.

Signs You Need a New Roof

Even if there are many benefits of installing new roof on your home, you still wouldn’t want to replace your roof if it’s still in good shape. Sometimes you might have the option of either repairing or buying a new roof. You can consult a roofer to guide you on the best option. Here are six signs you need a new roof.

1.Your Shingles Roof is approaching 20-25 Years

If you still have the records of the original roof installation, you can mark when they hit their 25th year. Its life span might have ended if the roof is made from asphalt shingles. You might need to call a roofer to ensure the roof’s integrity.

It doesn’t mean you need to install a new roof just because your roof hit 25 years, but you may need to start planning for a new roof. The life span reduces if your shingle roof is layered on another roof. Other roofs, such as metal, have a longer life than asphalt shingles.

2.Your Roof is Sagging

A better tell-tale sign you need a new roof is sagging. Sagging can be caused by various issues, which boil down to a structural problem. Severe water damage can weaken the rafters and the structures holding the shingles. Moisture damages the plywood beneath, so it can’t hold any more weight. If you notice sagging spots on your roof, you need a new roof.

3.Stains and Leaks on the Roof Underside

If you notice brownish stains on your roof’s underside or the wall’s cracks, your roof is leaking. The stains will appear as darkened circles around one spot if you have a painted ceiling. In other cases, the stains will show up on your wall.

By the time stains show up on your ceiling and walls, your roof has been leaking for some time, and the structures may be rotting or damaged. If the damage is localized, you can do roof repair, but in other cases, you may need a new roof altogether.

4.Increased Shingle Granules in the Gutter

It’s normal to find asphalt shingle granules in the gutter even when the roof is new. However, it’s never a good sign if you have had a roof for a long time and the granules start coming off. Once the granule peels off, your roof will be exposed to harsh weather conditions, and it will start to curb and curl. Increased shingle granules collecting in your gutter and other signs such as sagging should convince you to consult a roofing contractor.

5.Daylight Peeks through the roof

If your ceiling is made with only the roofing materials, you can test if your roof is leaking. Close all doors and windows during the day and turn all lights off. If you notice streaks of light seeping through the room, you have cracks big enough to allow water. If the problem is widespread, your only solution might be getting a new roof altogether.

6.Asphalt Shingles Curling and Cupping

Different roof materials age differently. Metal roofs have the longest life span, with some going up to 70 years. Other materials, such as wood and Asphalt, have shorter life spans. Shingles age by curling and cupping. The edges curl up words or cups inwards, making it challenging for the roof to channel water downwards. In the long run, moisture accumulation will damage your roof and interior.

Benefits of Installing New Roof on Your Home

So, after considering signs you need a new roof, you are convinced your home needs a new roof. A new roof has obvious benefits. You will have protection from extreme sunshine, cold, and rainfall. A new roof may also mean easier and less risky maintenance. But it doesn’t end there. Here are ten benefits of installing new roof on your home.

1. Meet Your Home’s Aesthetic Goals

One of the benefits of installing new roof on your home is meeting your home’s aesthetic goals. If your home has had the same shingles for the last 20 years, normal wear and tear have removed its freshness and appearance. Mold may have developed, and in some cases, grass and small shrubs. Consequently, your roof may start looking dull, dingy, and uninteresting.

But call in a local roofing contractor to install a new roof, and voila! You have a fresh and interesting look. Your hose looks maintained and pleasing to the eye. Doing a new roof installation may sound vain to meet your aesthetic goals. But it’s a hidden benefit. Once, you are likely not thinking about it until it happens.

2. Increase Your Home’s Value

A new roof is quite the investment. It’s not a minor home renovation. If you plan to sell your hose, you may wonder if getting a new roof is worth it. According to Zillow, getting a new roof can give you back an ROI of between 60 and 70%, depending on the roofing material. You will recoup your investment while increasing your home’s value.

Once you install a new roof, it will need between 20 and 70 years to require replacement. Your house will be more valuable than it would be with an old roof. If you choose to sell, your home will have a higher sale value than before. It would be best if you got a roof estimate before installing one, so you can estimate how much a roof investment will give you back.

3. Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of installing new roof on your home is energy saving. According to the Department of Energy, installing a cool roof could reduce energy usage by 30%. An old leaky roof permits cold or hot air and makes the AC work extra hard.

Different roofing materials can lead to small or big energy-saving savings. When looking for residential roofing companies, ensure they can guide you on the materials with the biggest energy savings. When you choose cool roofing options, you can qualify for governmental rebates, especially if the roofing material has a high E-Star rating.

4. Maintain Insurance Coverage

Most insurance providers will only cover roof replacement costs when a natural occurrence such as hail storms or accident happens. Some won’t cover roof replacement because of general wear and tear. Insurance providers will also avoid covering roofs that have exceeded their life span.

If you replace your roof, you will be practicing your maintenance responsibility as a homeowner, and thus your insurance provider is obliged to maintain your insurance coverage. You can always look for affordable roofing options to ensure you don’t stretch your finances too far to maintain coverage.

5. Improve Air Quality

Did you know that your roof could affect the air quality in your home? Your roofs affect ventilation in the house. Roof vents allow the exchange of indoor air with outdoor air, which controls humidity levels and energy efficiency. If you have a working roof with proper vents, you will enjoy warm winters and cool summers.

However, your house will have moldy and humid air if your roof vents are not working properly. Such air quality fosters the growth of microbes that could harm you or your children’s respiratory systems. When you get expert roofers to install a new roof for you, your house will have fresh and cool air.

6. Keep Your Family Safe

Everyone wants their family to ‘have a roof over their heads.’ It ensures they are protected from sunshine and rainfall. However, roofs play a bigger, hidden role in keeping your family safe. The insulation keeps your family protected from cold and harsh weather.

Furthermore, a new roof will protect your family from critters. An old decaying roof makes it easy for rodents and birds to make their way to your house. You don’t want your children scared by a rodent while taking a meal. That’s why it’s important to do roofing service to ensure protection for your family.

7. Gain a New Warranty

Old roofs don’t have a warranty. Some have an expired warranty. However, one of the hidden benefits of installing new roof on your home is gaining a new warranty. Roof replacement comes with a warranty extending to half or three-quarters of your roof’s life span. While a warranty may seem like a trivial marketing tool, it benefits homeowners.

It offers financial protection that covers the repair and sometimes replacement of your roof. If you do DIY roof replacement, your warranty won’t hold, but companies will honor it if you contract professionals to replace your roof. If an aspect of the roof is not working, you can get a new set through a warranty.

8. Improve Curb Appeal

Another of the many hidden benefits of installing new roof on your home is improving curb appeal. Curb appeal is the factor that makes anyone look at a home and go, wow! You don’t get that with an old, moldy roof. Sometimes roofing repair could improve the curb appeal, but new roof installation does an overhaul job. It gives your home a fresh look. Curb appeal is essential when selling property, so a new roof makes your house more buyable.

9.Sell Your Home Faster

Beautiful, well-maintained houses sell faster than dull and uninteresting homes. Even when one is operating with a lean budget, one wants to get value for money. An old roof will not inspire a prospective buyer to make a down payment.

With a new roof, your home has a new selling point. It will be easier for a real estate manager to sell your house faster. Luckily, new roof installation will give your money back when you sell the home faster.

10. Save Money Down the Road

Another example of the hidden benefits of installing new roof on your home is saving money down the road. It might seem cheaper to keep repairing your old roof whenever something arises. Yet you could save money in the long run by installing new roofs. You will save on energy costs, maintenance, and repair.

You can never waste resources by replacing your roof with a new one. The hidden benefits of installing new roof on your home make up for any cost you incur. While you could keep on doing small repairs each time a problem arises, a new roof installation will protect you from harsh weather, improve your home’s energy efficiency and bring you many other hidden benefits.

Are you more excited about getting a new roof after learning the multiple hidden benefits of installing new roof on your home? We hope you are. After installing a new roof, you can relax for an extended time without experiencing leaks and stains.

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