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What Sets Faith-Base Health Care Apart?

What Sets Faith-Base Health Care Apart?

U. S. healthcare costs have skyrocketed out of all control. People search for affordable alternatives. Some of these are healthcare savings plans, cost-sharing plans, and health discount cards.

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Faith-based health care is a rapidly rising alternative; what sets it apart?

It’s about the Whole Person

Some people call this “body, mind, and spirit,” and some call it “complementary or alternative” medicine. It involves non-traditional healing methods such as acupuncture, reiki, herbal treatments, and so on. This should not be confused with faith-based care.

Nurse Amy Wilson of St. Francis explains that faith-based care is about the “care.” Prayer and helping patients with life outside the hospital is what faith is all about.

It’s About Sharing

A collection of people share healthcare costs instead of being traditionally insured. Members contribute to a pool, which is used to pay medical bills. It’s a non-profit, community effort to help.

Members must have their blood pressure, BMI, and weight on record to qualify. Members can’t be discontinued, even if they develop a medical condition; they can be, though, if they fail to pay into the pool.

What sets faith-based health care apart is not a cold relationship to insurance but a caring, sharing commitment to healthcare.


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