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Securing Your Business In the 21st Century

Android device management

What is the definition of BYOD? What does that acronym mean to you? Bring Your Own Disks? Bring Your Own Drugs?

Sadly, we are not in college any more. Today, in the professional world, BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device, and an Android device management network can do wonders for the productivity levels of your business. Using Android in the enterprise is also praised for creating less paperwork, more accurate record keeping and billing, as well as added visibility, a streamlined workflow, and much more.

The definition of BYOD might as well be network security. One third of all employees who use a personal mobile device for work say that the data of their company is not encrypted or secure. By outsourcing Read More

Android Device Management

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Employees are sometimes allowed to bring and use their BYODs at work. A BYOD is a high tech mobile device, such as a smart phone or table pc that are owned by the employee. More and more companies are allowing BYODs in the workplace now. However, just like anything else, BYODs need to be managed to protect company security. This means that you need Android device management policies in any workplace that allows employees to use their own Android for work related needs.

Right now there is a high risk of company data being lost if an employee owned device is lost or stolen. The risks can be lowered with an Android management policy and Android management software. IT departments can better protect operating systems and company networks with Android device management software. Just look up Android in the enterprise and you’ll find the most appropriate Android security model for your Android device management needs.

In the United States there is a mind boggling 9.4 million smartphones in use. Androids in the workplace are becoming quite common. SaaS, or Software as a service technology can help to push updates to employee devices automatically. You can also use SaaS as an aid to Android device management in the workplace. In fact, the IT administrator can set BYOD device restrictions as part of your company Android device management plan.

Most employees prefer to carry their own device with them at work. If they can use their own Android they won’t have to carry around any other devices. Instead of multiple devices, which are easier to lose, allow employees to use their own BYOD. Another benefit is that they will already be familiar with their interface and Android device management policies will be easier for them to follow. Find out more by Google Android device management software today.

Employing Android Device Management For Your Company’s Protection

When your business decides that they want to use Android devices to help make the office more mobile, an Android device management program will need to be instated. After you have decided that you are going to use Android devices for your company, you will need to create policies for Android device management. Clear policies need to be written to let employees know what the most appropriate uses for their devices are and what they can and cannot do. Whether you want to allow personal use of each phone, cap bandwidth, or decide that company phones will only be used for work related tasks, clear guidelines need to be established as part of the overall Android device management program. Using an Android device is a great way to allow employees more freedom and there are many applications available that can make tasks easier to manage for all employees and the company. Using the right program for Android device management is important to the functionality of the implementation of both the devices themselves and your business objectives.

Utilizing smart phones and other devices is a great way to allow a business to be more mobile and have quick access to data that is needed. Being a new and advanced phone, the Android is perfect for this. Finding the best Android device management solution is important because there are many things to think of when implementing the devices into your business scheme. Regardless of anything else, however, the one thing that is common amongst all companies that use Android devices is the need to secure the devices and their content. With a proper Android device management solution, this becomes an easy solution and your data will always be protected.

Using a company that can help you with your Android device management is a great way to allow for easy direction. While there are many companies that offer different solutions to Android device management needs, whether you want software or cloud based solution, there is an application that will help you to manage all your devices in an easily tractable format. Many of the companies will not only allow you to keep track of needed software and security updates but you can also keep track of inventory. Employing these solutions is the best way to keep all your employees focused on the same tasks while ensuring that your company’s precious data is kept safe.