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Easy Hummus Recipes

Hummus nutrition

As far as snacks and meals go across the United States, hummus is one of the more overall appealing options. It is fairly popular for both its taste and its health benefits, as hummus spread can be eaten with a variety of different things, from pretzels to chips to fruits.

If you like hummus but are struggling to come up with ways to eat it, you can go online and look up recipes with hummus. Some hummus recipes you might find are roasted garlic hummus dip as well as several other types of hummus spreads with you can put on sandwiches and other varieties of food. A great majority of the recipes you find are easy hummus recipes, and will be both delicious and nutritious.

So what is hummus? Hummus is a middle eastern food spread created from chickpea Read More

Hummus Goes Mainstream in America

Easy hummus recipe

Americans are always looking for ideas for different meals and recipes to try. Lately there are several different recipes with hummus popping up all over the internet and in food magazines. Hummus nutrition is well documented, and it has a great taste and smooth texture. Many different people share the same question. What is hummus?

Hummus spreads or dips are made from chickpeas, sesame, lemon, garlic and other spices. It is a Middle Eastern food, and has become very popular in the United State over the last few years. Hummus nutritional benefits include high vitiamin c and fiber contents and about 20 percent of the recommended daily amount of zinc.

Many people are lactose intolerant. Hummus is a great alternative to dairy based dips. Hummus is a vegan food, and is a staple for many people who have dietary restrictions.
There is a wide variety of easy hummus recipes available. Depending on your preferences, you can make your own spicy hummus dip, roasted garlic hummus dip, or any one of the hundreds of other variations. No matter what else you decide to mix in with your hummus nutrition remains one of the key ingredients. Learn more.