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Living in the Dorms

Chair pockets

When you go to college, you are starting a new adventure in your life. For potentially the first time, you are moving out on your own. There is independence. While it is natural for incoming college freshmen to be nervous, being well prepared with your dorm room essentials can help to qualm some of your fears.

Your dorm room will be your home. It is a temporary home, but you will still be there for several months. In order to feel as comfortable as possible, you want to customize your dorm room. Stylish dorm rooms not only make you feel more at home, they also attract other people. People enjoy decorating with you. Decorating can be a bonding experience with your roommate, and a nice dorm room with seat Read More

Tips For Stylish Dorm Rooms

Chair pocket

When it comes to dorm rooms, style is essential; everybody wants to have cool, stylish dorm rooms. But in such a tiny space, organization is essential. A dorm room needs to hold all of your clothes, your school supplies, personal belongings, etc. Therefore, it is essential that style and organization coalesce when it comes to designing dorm rooms.

In regards to dorm room organization, there are several things that you will want to consider. First of all, you might want to look into chair pockets, also known as chair organizer pockets. These chair pockets can be situated over a chair and are a great place to store a laptop, textbooks, notebooks, etc. Aside from these organizers Read More