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Bottleless water filtersFiltered bottleless water coolerFiltered water cooler

5 Reasons to Use a Bottleless Water Cooler

Filtered bottleless water coolers

One of the main advantages of bottleless water coolers over a system that uses carboys of water is that nobody has to lift and maneuver the large, unwieldy bottles. Of all the plastic water bottles in the United States, 86 percent of them end up as garbage. ‘Water Cooler’ has long been used as a metaphor, describing a place where people, usually employees and coworkers, gather to chat about current events or gossip. Halsey Taylor, one of the inventors of the first water fountain, lost his father to typhoid fever as a result of drinking contaminated water. Early water coolers were cumbersome and heavy, mainly because they used large blocks of ice to cool the water, and they were also high maintenance. The technology is around these days that makes getting good, crisp and clean water easier than it used to be and it comes in the form of bottleless water coolers.

Bottleless water dispensers and filtered water coolers are much more common than they were a handful of years ago. Evolving from the big, clunky water bottles that you have to throw over your shoulder; bottleless water coolers offer the capability to have a convenient water dispensing system with nowhere near the amount of maintenance and hassle that the older models had. There are quite a few styles to choose from, like point of use water coolers, that you can choose from for your office. The most important thing to think about is the size of bottleless water cooler you will need to look into. To do this properly, it might be worth checking out Google and searching for bottleless water coolers. There are a lot of choices to choose from so take the time to do some research and make the best choice possible.

Bottleless water filters Filtered bottleless water cooler Filtered water cooler
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